Sunday, December 6, 2009

Devil's Wife Arrived Today (A Cramps-esque Mix)

I'm still working my way through compiling mixes that I owe people in exchange for donating money to WMUA during our fund drive. It's been really fun so far, especially given the huge range of themes & styles that were requested. For example, this mix was for someone who asked for "things that sound like the Cramps, that aren't the Cramps", which isn't something I would have ever thought up on my own. I interpreted it kind of loosely, throwing together everything from rockabilly to garage rock to the flat-out trashy & weird. Download link below the tracklisting!

Devil's Wife Arrived Today (apologies to Dave Gardner)
1. Althea & The Memories - The Worst Record In The World
2. The Heart Attacks - Badda Diddy Baby
3. Flash & The Memphis Casuals - Uptight, Tonight
4. The Mummies - Shot Down
5. Sam the Sham & The Pharoahs - Ju Ju Hand
6. Ersel Hickey - Hangin' Around
7. Girl Trouble - She No Rattle My Cage
8. The Shag - Stop & Listen
9. The Riptides - I'm In Love
10. Dave Gardner - Mad Witch
11. Ric Cartey - Oo Eee
12. Doo Rag - Hussy Bowler
13. Thee Headcoatees - Strychnine
14. Danny Burk & The Invaders - Ain't Goin' Nowhere
15. The Alarm Clocks - No Reason To Complain
16. The Dirty Shames - Makin' Love
17. Supercharger - You Put The Hex On Me
18. Jan & Arnie - Jennie Lee
19. Rita Chao & The Quests - Hanky Panky
20. The Swamp Rats - Psycho
21. Chuck Dallis - Moon Twist
22. Micky & The Masonics - Mumbo Jumbo
23. CoCoComa - (Tryin' To) Read My Mind
24. Frank Ventura & The Crescents - Pain
25. The One Way Streets - Jack The Ripper
26. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Paralyzed


Anonymous said...

Hi. Download download!
If it's not too much trouble. :)

erika airwrecker said...

Ask & ye shall receive. It's up there now.

Esther said...

Thanks for the mixes Erika! This is just what I need today

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