Friday, July 26, 2013

Lady-centric sounds commissioned by So Tough! So Cute!

Since I'm trying to make a conscious effort to keep this blog regularly updated, I realized how many things I've written or contributed to in the past few months that I've completely neglected to post here. So I'm going to try to go backwards a little bit & fix that.

Here's a perfect example: I mentioned this on Facebook last month & for whatever reason, I totally forgot to post it on the blog, but Daniel from the excellent Sweden-based So Tough! So Cute! blog wrote to me awhile ago & asked if I'd have any interest in putting together a downloadable guest mix of lady-centric sounds to be featured on the site. Uh, duh - I was all over that assignment. And miraculously, I somehow managed to show some degree of restraint & cut things down to 26 songs. You can check the whole thing out here, if you need some more ladies, women & grrrls in your life (you know you do).


Jay Hinman said...

Fantastic mix. Of course I never expected The Primitives to be as good as they were – on that song – nor to be as smitten by Die Sweetles as I was. In my research of Die Sweetles, I came across the picture sleeve for the 45 from which this was taken – check out the faux Beatle wigs and the perfect Paul McCartney open-mouth pose by the woman third from left:

erika elizabeth said...

Jay, I've had dreams of finding that 45 in a store!

shai said...

Amazing! Really like your taste,

  Want more!