Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thirteen in '13 (so far)

The Woolen Men

Over the past few months, I've been doing some writing for the Australian-based music website Collapse Board, under the watchful eye of one Mr. Everett True. And until recently, I've had so much of my attention wrapped up in preparation for a weekly radio show, which didn't leave me as much time as I would have liked to put some words on the digital page about so many of those same records that I was excitedly spinning week after week. Hopefully that's all going to be changing now, though.

This is the my most recent piece for Collapse Board - I'm always so hesitant to put together "best of whatever" lists, because there's inevitably so much that slips my mind or things that I don't discover until relatively long after the fact, etc. So don't read this as any kind of comprehensive account of the best releases of the first half of 2013, but rather just thirteen musical items from January to July that you should give a listen. Read it (complete with audio/video samples) over here!

And if you're interested in playing catch-up with some other things I've written for Collapse Board more or less recently, I have a somewhat-regular feature in which I focus on 7" singles or demos (either cassette or digital) that have gotten me psyched:

Demo of the Week | Funsuck

Demos of the Week | Moon & Negation

Demos of the Week | Love Cuts & Tweens

Demos of the Week | Juniper Rising & Salt Flat

Single of the Week | La Luz – Damp Face EP (Burger) & Call Me In The Day 7” (Water Wing)

Single of the Week | Priests – Radiation/Personal Planes 7″ (Sister Polygon)

Single of the Week | Mil Mascaras – Fuzz EP (Hozac)

And a similarly non-comprehensive "best of 2012" list:

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