Sunday, August 18, 2013

Playlist / 08.16.13

Bona Dish

As promised, here's my first attempt at relocating the radio show to a "recorded in my room with a shitty built-in laptop microphone" podcast format (sorry if it sounds like I recorded my vocal breaks straight to an answering machine). Hopefully y'all will dig it! If nothing else, it's going to free me to play more songs with naughty words without having to dive over the control board to fade them out at the appropriate time, so there's that. 

Download the show: Gimme gimme gimme.

Artist - Song Title - Album Title - Label

Fat Creeps - Daydreaming - split LP with Zebu! - Feeding Tube
Bona Dish - Actress - Zaragoza Tapes: 1981-1982 - Captured Tracks
Hornet Leg - Wait - Ribbon of Fear - K
The Courtneys - Social Anxiety - s/t - Hockey Dad
The Exploding Hearts - Rumours in Town - Guitar Romantic - Dirtnap
Thee Headcoats - Action Time Vision - Action Time Vision 7" - Vinyl Japan
Bamboo Zoo - Binding Wire - Ghost Party 7" - Phoney-Gran
Terry Malts - I Was Not There - Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere - Slumberland
The Garlands - You Never Notice Me - You Never Notice Me 7" - Big Pink Cake
Wimp Factor 14 - Some Girls Like Cigarettes - V/A - The Airplane 7" - Papercut
Chook Race - Vanilla Yoghurt - Power Nap cassette - Anti-Fade
I Jog & the Tracksuits - Red Box - Red Box 7" - Tyger Label
You Me & Us - Swim or Sink - Stay Inside cassette - self-released
The Reverbs - Nevermore - The Happy Forest EP - Enigma
Try the Pie - Yearly Orbit - Yearly Orbit - self-released
Old Wars - Broken Bones - Broken Bones cassette - Cassingle & Loving It
Pins - Say to Me - LuvU4Lyf EP - Bella Union
The Earth Earth - Matador Is Dead - Matador Is Dead - Jigsaw
The Premiers - Get on This Plane - V/A - Where the Action Is! - Rhino
Cat Vet - Don't Touch My Hair - Boat City Europe - self-released
The Wild Poppies - Walkabout - Heroine - Poppie
Dogtower - Simulated Drinking - s/t - self-released
Ooga Boogas - I Can't Clear My Name - Romance & Adventure - Aarght!
Winter Bear - Should I Leave - Jump in the Fire 7" - Hozac
Super Falling Star - Someday - Someday 7" - Quiddity


Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything and thanks
for keeping this place alive.

Jay Hinman said...

Welcome back, Erika. Downloaded and ready for consumption.

erika elizabeth said...

Ahhh, I just hope it doesn't disappoint!

Jay Hinman said...

You didn't miss a beat. Totally continued with the high standard of excellence established at WMUA. I even caught a rare Expressway "repeat play" (Garlands)....

Anonymous said...

Glad you are still rockin'. Keep on keepin' on.