Thursday, May 8, 2014

Playlist / 05.08.14

Tru Fax & the Insaniacs

Springtime in Portland has me feeling exceedingly restless these days (maybe it's the sunshine, but I'm not entirely sure what to do with myself), so the natural response should be to hang out in my living room & make another podcast, right? I hope so. 

Download the show: Gimme gimme gimme.

Artist - Song Title - Album Title - Label

The Soft Boys - Fat Man's Son - (I Want to Be An) Anglepoise Lamp 7" - Radar
Bored Games - Joe 90 - Who Killed Colonel Mustard? EP - Flying Nun
Numb Bats - Cry Baby - Cry Baby single - self-released
X-Ray Spex - The Day the World Turned Day Glo - Germ-Free Adolescents - EMI
B Team - Youth Corpse - Buy American EP - self-released
Eureka California - Twin Cities - Crunch - Happy Happy Birthday to Me
Dolly Mixture - Never Let It Go - Dreamism EP - Trattoria
Expert Alterations - Three Signs - s/t cassette - self-released
Tru Fax & the Insaniacs - Washingtron - Mental Decay - Wasp
The Visible Targets - Just for Money - s/t EP - Park Avenue
The Tenants - Submind - V/A - Homework #102 - Hyped2Death
Tunabunny - Good God Awful - Kingdom Technology - Happy Happy Birthday to Me
Protex - Don't Ring Me Up - Don't Ring Me Up 7" - Good Vibrations
The Monochrome Set - He's Frank - Black & White Minstrels, 1975-79 - Cherry Red
Mary Monday & the Bitches - Popgun - I Gave My Punk Jacket to Rickie 7" - Hozac
Trick Mammoth - Week End - Floristry - Fishrider
Holly & the Italians - I Wanna Go Home - The Right to Be Italian - Virgin
Hubble Bubble - Look Around (I Was So Upset) - s/t - Radio Heartbeat
Darlingchemicalia - Felt Goods - Spun in White - A Wicked Company
Baby Doll Lounge - Velocity Girl - V/A - Welcome to the Wetherbeat Scene, 1988-91 - 555
Wireheads - Redheads - s/t - Major Crimes
Victory Acres - A Cup of Coffee, Please - split LP with Joke Flower - Placebo
Crabapple - Loose Ends - Is It You? cassette - self-released
DNA - Not Moving - DNA on DNA - No More
The Umpteens - Turn the Living Room Into a Dancefloor - Turn the Living Room Into a Dance Floor 7" - Monotone
Tweens - Don't Wait Up - s/t cassette - Hard Body Sounds


Anonymous said...

thank you
I do get exposed to enjoyable
new stuff and old stuff I
missed out on by listening to
your podcasts

Anonymous said...

Another great show as always. Never heard B Team before and they were awesome! Every track to the show was perfect. Will definitely check out that Homework comp series. Thank you again for introducing us all to great music.

I know you are from Portland so you probably already know of this band, but have you heard of the Portland band, Hooded Hags? Sorry if you already know them, but just wanted to send possibly new music to ya

Thanks again, can't wait for the next podcast!