Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Playlist / 04.14.15

Self Control

Some of y'all have probably noticed that all of the links on this blog to stream or download any of my previous podcasts have been broken & generally non-functioning for the past few weeks. Basically, my old file host (Divshare) had some sort of total network meltdown & all of the shows that I had archived there for the past three or four years were completely wiped out. Thanks to two kind souls by the names of Brett & Jay, I've been able to repost a good chunk of the episodes that were lost (on a different file host & with a brand new streaming player!), but there's still quite a few that I'm missing because I'm a dummy & didn't back anything up in a non-cloud format. So, if any of y'all might happen to have any old downloaded shows that you could share with me, please get in touch at the email address listed on the sidebar & I'll let you know what pieces I'm still needing to collect! I'll even make you a mixtape or something for your troubles.  

With that said, here's a new episode! Fuck the cloud. 

Download the show: Gimme gimme gimme.

Artist - Song Title - Album Title - Label

Sunday Painters - Rebel Rebel - In My Dreams - What's Your Rupture?/Terminal
Honey Bane - Girl on the Run - You Can Be You EP - Crass
Skull Kontrol - Camouflage - Deviate Beyond All Means of Capture - Quarterstick
Crossed Wires - Can't Say No - s/t EP - self-released
The Flatmates - I Don't Care - The Singles EP - Lamia
Juniper - Think & Die Thinking - Think & Die Thinking 7" - Fantastic
The Shifters - Benedictine Man - s/t cassette - Comfort 35
The Degrads - I Saw Bobbie Sobbing in the Lobby - Frontal Lobotomy 7" - Ronto
Amos & Sara - Sexy Terrorist - Sara Goes Pop EP - It's War Boys
Blowdryer - Threadbare - Deprogrammed EP - Manic Static
Dizzy & the Romilars - The Stir - Daily Dose - Medical
Dominadora - No Chill - s/t demo - self-released
Skinned Teen - Dance All Night - V/A - Elastic Jet Mission - Slampt
Las Feas - Children of the Night - Bebes de la Playa Seca - self-released
Self Control - Sometimes - Broken Up - Dancing Sideways
The Scrotum Poles - Night Train - Revelation 7" - Dulc-i-tone
The Nervous Ticks - Purity Control - Skynet - self-released
The Moodists - Gone Dead - Gone Dead 7" - Au Go Go
CCCP-TV - Fear that Mindless - V/A - Propeller Product EP - Propeller
The Trashwomen - Date's On Me - Spend the Night with the Trashwomen - Estrus
Monotony - Luxury Flats - split 7" with Sauna Youth - Upset the Rhythm
Sea Bags - My Cigarette (Is My Only Friend) - V/A - We're Still Pissed - self-released
The Bastards - Impossibilities - Impossibilities 7" - Zaki
Civil Union - My Father Below - My Father Below - self-released
The Mutettes - Shark on the Beach - Leatherette Heart 7" - America's Darling
The Early Stages - Summer in Vermont - Wizard in the Fog 7" - self-released
Fifty Foot Hose - Red the Sign Post - Cauldron - Limelight
Mirrorism - Night Flight - Night Flight 7" - Trouble in Mind
Jesse Garon & the Desperadoes - Splashing Along - Splashing Along 7" - Narodnik
Nancy - (Get the) Revvup - (Get the) Revvup 7" - Eat the Life
The Pinups - The Last Time - V/A - Brisbane Bands of the Early '80s - Brisbane Music Graveyard

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Elsa said...

many thanks for the playlists, i follow your blog and hemorrage dynamite since few months and willbe happy when a new post comes ! and i spent money at discogs by your fault ! this months : the lp of self control !