Sunday, March 27, 2016

RIP Expressway To Yr Skull

The time has finally come to retire the name Expressway To Yr Skull in the context of this podcast - I started using it when I was doing a college radio show with a friend back in my early twenties & almost a decade later, I definitely feel like I've outgrown that particular moniker. Next weekend, I start a new weekly two-hour show at Freeform Portland & it seemed like an opportune time to change things up, so going forward, y'all can look forward to weekly radio dispatches from me under the show name Futures & Pasts. Hi.

Catch me on the air live on Saturday nights from 8-10pm PST in the Portland city limits at KFFP 90.3FM, or stream online from the Freeform Portland site wherever you are. Shows will continue to be posted after the fact for your streaming/downloading pleasure & to that end, I'll be migrating to a new blog (or rather, the Tumblr I've been using for a few months, with a fancy new domain name). This blog will stay up as a historical document & musical archive, but update your bookmarks & go to the Futures & Pasts site for all new content.

Feel free to drop me a line at ripitupstartagain[at]gmail[dot]com to stay in touch, send me music, say hey, etc.

xo, e.